'THE HUMANE QUEST' volume 1 & 2 and further stepping forward in its continuity is mainly for two main reasons. Firstly, to make myself understand the soul-jarring realities prevailing and it's outcome. And, secondly, for whoever else is interested for a better and salubrious world.

I am not a scholar in humanity. But, I write as a layman and wish to contribute to my readers an analysis on humanness. We need the realistic picture of the future.

Whole of my book can be covered under the four main objectives of human life as stated by vedic philosophy-

  • Dharma- righteousness

  • Artha- acquisition of wealth by proper means and it's right use

  • Kama- fulfillment of noble desires

  • Moksha- liberation or the final goal


Life has to be first lived at the material level, when Artha has to be acquired and subsequently all noble desires have to be fulfilled, but all these are required to be attained within the constraints of Dharma. Thus Kama and Artha have to be accomodated within the over all control of Dharma.

So why has Humanism, the oldest faith that predates recorded human history which laid the foundations of human interaction and laws of community living, codifications of communal good and bad and the human code of conduct, is today herself being reduced to the point of comical ludicrousness, devoid of any logic, sense and resemblance to the original intention?

Life needs answers and there are certain things which are beyond our reach of mind. Still, we urge to understand more, to practice more and to bestow more.

Lead off for gratitude,

Its not too big a word but whose meaning makes a huge difference;

Be greatful, remain ardent!

"Cut her open. She bleeds poetry"

Phuhaar- The Drizzle is a poetic voyage of ineffable human emotions soaring high in serene supernal. Let’s dive into the ocean of love, warmth, pain, pleasure and positivity. It’s so soothing to read heart-warming and heart-breaking poetry; at the same time, just like love itself.

Amidst the chaos of life
We stood tall Facing all the troubles
Slamming all the sorrows down

Before reducing to ashes
We all are living
We all are alive


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