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Winter Solstice by Nandita De nee Chatterjee

The biting cold

comes down in draughts.

2018. It's December 21.

The stony ground

underneath my feet,


pushing through 

into my bones.

Darkest night,

dingy street,

stinking alley,

a forsaken family.

Alone in my agony,

huddled in the alley

under a shed,

wrapped tightly 

in the covers.

Not an eye out to see.

Not a care

for danger

or distress.

Under my covers

my baby sleeps

on my lap.

Hush! My child is smiling 

in his slumber.

A warm gush 

sweeps over me.

There's a Christmas 

cheer tonight.

Others in the alley 

huddled too

in dark corners.

Many stories,

same fate.

The longest night.

Mother and child sleep

holding each other tight.

This poem by Nandita De has been first published in 30 Best Poets by Literatureslight. The poet has written it to portray the significance of Christmas and have based it on the street dwellers, in the darkest alleys of New York, the most dazzling and decorated city in the world during this season. 

Nandita De is a writer, journalist and a housewife. She has worked with The Economic Times and also as a Freelance journalist. She has written cover stories for The Saturday Statesman and features for Illustrated Weekly of India ,Telegraph, Times of India, Femina, Filmfare, Germany Today Cityscape column etc. She has been an Editorial Adviser of ETM, an Economic Times publication. Consulting Editor with Environ. She has a good editing experience. She was a part time Lecturer at Calcutta University, PG Journalism, teaching Media Ethics. She has a Fb Page and group Studio Quaintrelle. Blogger at BeBee.com. She is also the Administrator of two more fb groups. Her poems have been published in various digital literary forums. Contributor, Voix Meets Mode, UK,  latest annual. Co author at Anthology,  Big Bang of Non Fiction, Life in Reserve, released this Sep.12. MA, English Literature and BA, English Hons,  both from Jadavpur University, Kolkata. She works on welfare,  visually impaired, labour, social issues and human rights, lifestyle and investigative stories for mainstream Indian newspapers. Passionate about epicurean cooking,   nature, ikebana and social service. She has an Army, Navy, Air Force background with father from Indian Air Force. Defense issues are a critical priority of hers.



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