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Vibrancy of Hues Towards Meadows of Nirvana By Farheen Kazmi

The mystic rivers spelling a riveting pull,

In the air reigns liberty of a colourful hue,

Of vibrant spirits and thronging chaos,

Breathing out chanting prayers of all,

One cannot wonder at the unity,

Being moved by the soulful songs in chorus,

During the festival of celebrations,

Ignites the same hope of togetherness,

It isn’t a world of conflict and war,

Nor is it strewn apart by hate,

It is where only revolution walks a path,

For the people to follow their chosen route,

Journeying into love, peace and warmth.

That led my walking towards the moorlands,

Grim and overlooking a faraway maroon,

With the sun drooping down to rest,

Portraying an yellow dust around,

I see the grassland stretch long,

With nothing but the nature taking control,

It beckons me into the parallel unknown,

A mirror image of me reflects back,

Holding out a hand to reach,

Time ceases to move forward,

Until my spirit leaves my body,

To rest in the meadows of the nirvana.

About the Author

Farheen Kazmi is a newbie contemporary romance writer. She has her work published on Amazon as well. She is a voracious reader first, before being an author. She also writes poetry as it is closer to her heart. She is a great fan of the novels written by Agatha Christie and Charlotte Brontë. She is an MBA graduate and has worked in the field for a bit before quitting it to pursue what she loved the most. Writing gave her the needed liberty to play with words and characters. It is what inspired her to be herself. She plans to keep progressing and improving a lot in the field of writing. She feels it is a long way for her to go before achieving something big. Striving hard is the motto and it is her mantra too.



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