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The Story of Sewing Machine and Red Frock By Bhargavi Ravindra

As I opened my age old wrought iron trunk

Covered with dust and filled with junk.

It spilled memories and dished out stories

Brought back to the fore, my long lasting youthful glory.

Along with tiny tit bits lay a RED FROCK folded neatly 

Red, a little faded, frills a bit crumpled, yet a beauty.

Year after year this has been a ritual so sublime

Spread the Red Frock on my lap, I go back in time.

It has been with me for the last sixty plus years 

Connecting me to my past, eyes brimming with tears.

As the tears roll down my cheeks, there emerged a figure

A USHA sewing machine and the most charming lady, my sister

Usha sewing machine, those day, was a priced possession 

One who owned, would talk endlessly of their latest obsession!

No idea, when and how the sewing machine became her part 

Like a close buddy, to the machine, she would pour out her heart.

A dream tucked in fabric would acquire shape under the machine

Fabric under her deft fingers churned out tales, untold and unseen.

I would watch in awe, fabric taking shape, needle running along

The Tuck,Tuck of sewing machine would echo long after it stopped.

Sometimes it would cry hoarsely as if wreathing in pain

My mother would run out from the kitchen to oil it gently, to fix pain.

The Red Frock was must for the annual day function at school

Was to be ready in week’s time, thought “oh !so cool !”

Mother sister duo would then have a long chat 

Sewing machine would lovingly comply to do its part.

After several rounds of shaping, reshaping, the Red frock was ready

To my youthful exuberance the finish was heady.

The frock was held against me several times in style 

Mother then sealed her approval, with a broad smile.

She would add “Fabrics alone don’t make beautiful dresses, stitches bring out best 

A good machine is needed to stamp its authority and do the rest!”

Yet, I would insist for a bow here, a frill there

My sister would alter it to add some frills here and there.

Finally after several rounds of trial 

My Red frock ready; looked exquisite and really special.

I, in my Red Frock swirled around like a princess

Mother watched lovingly -my sister and her machine glowed in happiness!

My Red Frock looked heavenly, won many a heart

I rushed home to my sister to share my joy and all that.

Time flew on wings, I was soon out of my teens 

My Red frock was tucked neatly, for years not to be seen.

Last I wore was our last day in school, we girls decided to dress in Red

And mine stood out ...was both envied and admired...a great moment of pride!

As I aged, the machine too showed signs of wearing off

From its youthful days to an aged arena, it quietly slipped off.

Any new attachments to the machine, my sister strongly opposed

Even if it out lived its utility, never wanted it to be disposed.

Though past its usefulness, it is still part of the family

Every Ayudhapooja day cleaned and worshiped religiously.

To add or reduce the length or breadth, still serves the purpose 

With my Sister and Mother now both in heaven...it is my prized possession, no way I can let go!

With all the modern gadget the Usha Sewing Machine still adorns my house, 

My kids grew up hearing about it, now it is time for their kids to know.

My grand daughter now swirls around wearing the red frock, 

The door to my treasure house, with mixed feelings  I unlock.

I know long after I am gone the machine will still be there

Stitching beautiful dreams on the Time’s fabric for generations to share!

Author, Poet & Writer : Bhargavi Ravindra

Bhargavi Ravindra, presently residing in Bengaluru, Karnataka is a post Graduate in Physics and a teacher by profession, having served as mentor and coordinator. She is a bilingual poetess/writer. Though her Mother Tongue is Kannada and her subject of specialisation is Physics, she is passionate about Hindi  poetry and Urdu Gazals. Her poetic journey started  from her school days and was on the editorial board for the school magazine. Her book, a compilation of Poems and Gazals ‘बचपन....काश! कहींठहरजाता’ was launched under the banner of Rashtra Bhasha Prachar Samithi, Bhopal; M P by the Honourable Governor of Goa, Honorable Smt Mridula Sinha on 19th March 2018 in a glittering function. Some of her poems were published in a leading overseas magazine SAT -South Asia Times. Presently she is working on the following books - 1) Hindi poems for children - specially to popularize Hindi in South, 2) English motivational poems. In recent times she has taken to social media to express herself and regularly writes for a number of Facebook literary forums like Asian Literary society, POEMarium by Dr N K Sharma, UBI United by Ink, Bhavon ke moti, Sukhan, Amar Ujjala and has won awards and certificates. Some of her poems are part of Anthologies soon to be published.

This first poem written by her for the platform Plethora Blogazine has placed her for the honour of The Editor's Pick Badge Award for the #poetryprompt #sewingmachinetales organized by Plethora Blogazine in the year 2020.



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