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The Luminescent Girl by Shristee Singh

Waves rocked the shore illuminated by the moonlight.

She stood alone, gazing at the sea. The breeze gently played with her hair, tangling her silky mane.

She was scared of the darkness. Even the moonlit nights were scary for her, as her brain would conjure up apparition out of any silhouette.

A little fear throbbed in her that if she moved from her place, some unknown, unseen leviathan would clasp her. So, she stood absolutely still, watching the ocean and the waves and the moon. She held her breath to avoid any kind of movement and as she did, her hands froze and her legs became hard and numb. But the little heart inside her kept beating. 

She could now synchronize the sound of the waves with her heartbeat. Slowly in the silence of the night, the noise coming from the waves too ebbed and all she could hear was her heart beating inside her cold body. Her body, which had now become hard like a stone. 

She was now nothing but a statue. A statue, with a heart. A heart, that did not give up its beat!

But still, she could see the waves gently lapping on the shore, oscillating to and fro, leaving its froth behind, melting into the sand.

The moon saw her and so did He. He was always around her but she thought He did not exist. He wanted to comfort her so He signaled the moon to pour the most precious silver light upon her. The silver light descended crossing the unknown realms, carrying the most precious nectar. The nectar about which it was only heard in the mythologies but never seen, never touched, never felt!

As the light fell upon her, she drenched into the soft nectar. Slowly she was filled with a luminescent glow. A glow, that made her look so much like the moon. A glow, that wrapped her up with an aura that even the most common eye could easily discern.

Gradually the numbness vanished from her hands and legs. The sweet nectar made her feel warm from inside. The fear looming inside her vanished and she smiled for the first time.

He was happy to see her smile. For she was His special. He wanted her to have all the happiness that could be bestowed upon her. So, He blew a gentle whistle. As He did so, the waves rolled back. They stretched back for miles and miles. 

She saw pearls shining like bulbs in darkness, on the surface where the water was playing. He swarmed around her like a soft breeze and went inside her as she inhaled the warm air.

Something in her told, to go ahead and explore. That voice gave her the courage and she moved ahead for the first time. As she took her steps feeling the sands between her toes, she picked up the luminescent pearls… They were the pearls of wisdom! He was too benevolent upon her and gave her the choice to pick as many as she wanted. However, she picked up enough which her hands could hold and moved back to the shore with peace and courage in heart and a perpetual glow on her face!

Writer & Poet: Shristee Singh

Shristee Singh is a mother of two and a homemaker. She loves penning poetry and prose. A post graduate in Economics, she has nurtured love for writing since long. Besides writing for her blog she keeps contributing to several online literary forums. She has authored Savy’s Dream and Beautiful Butterflies published on Storyweaver for level 2 readers. Her poems have been published in several anthologies; like Out of the Woods, Quilled by Patriotism, Poems from 30 Best Poets.

Writing for her is not a race but a journey, a song which comes from the soul. Playing with words is her passion, Shristee Singh can write on any fashion. Songs of the soul she sings, writing with beatific wings! When not writing, you can find her reading or running, either behind her kids or in some marathon!

The above prose piece written by her has been chosen for the Editor's Choice Badge Award under the #poetryandproseprompt #vividdreams an online writing contest conducted by Plethora Blogazine in their Facebook Group Page in the year 2019.



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