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The Early Bird by Ritu Taneja

The Early Bird

That I have always desired 

To be 

She's free

Free from the circlet of laziness 

And free to jump out 

Of the blanket 

She'll leave her orbit 

And put on her favorite Jacket 

Reach out for her pocket 

Filled with all the energies 

Of the planet 

She wants to be the Anchor 

And the banker of positive patterns 

And a tanker of hopes & fulfillment 

She wants to constantly 

Thank her people 

& places 

She eats a carrot 

And jumps like a magnet 

No less than a valuable gadget 

She will alter the entire gamut 

Of human emotions

With her 

Voice of musical notes 

She'll touch the sky 

While they fly 

Mark my words 

She's special of a bird 

An Early Bird 

Aspires to fly

To the limitless sky 

She'll create a way 

and gradually sway 

She will not stay

and still win the hearts away 

An early bird 

That she wants to be. 

An early bird !! 

Poet & Writer: Ritu Taneja

Ritu Taneja, is a poet who loves to love nature and people for what they bring to her as a person. A poet who has been featured in 1000 women book which holds Vajra World Record. A poet who believes in the balance in power of self expression through written and spoken words and writes on social media by the name of HerSoulSoothes. A marketer and content writer by profession, Ritu has over 7 years of experience in building brands. 



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