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Submit for Plethora's Coffee Table Book, Volume 1

The Chocolaty Affair & Scandals

It wasn’t blood dripping, but hot chocolate from the knife with smoke still rising from it. A murder of that man, who could have thought would take place that night, when the whole town was celebrating. In the next town she lived, her whole house was ever filled with the aroma of chocolate, they said, “the way molten chocolate moves her pelvic sways such.” Men drooling over that one woman who knew how to make the town fall in love with her chocolate delicacies. He was called the insane lover, the meagre Romeo who was madly in love with the woman he saw once passing by in the parade of masquerades. He has looked for her till then wandering places, ringing doorbells but only a chocolate can save his lost hope. A kaput house where no one has ever heard a soul breathing, suddenly becomes alive after midnight, sounds of conversing, heavy footsteps, bone china bodies clinking and the mystical alluring aroma of chocolate fills into the air. Whoever has stepped into that mansion has never come back out of that house.

Yes! You have guessed it right. Write a short story or a poem inspired by the prompting words above or create your own one, but all the stories must have one thing in common, ‘Chocolate’. Weave a love tale, plan a murder or make a Romeo meet his muse, even a horror story or the most bizarre story we have never heard of, but fill your writing with the overdose of chocolate. Use any backdrop, the modern, the classic, the summer season or the chilling frost, the maple leaves and fall or the wetness of rain and petrichor, and merge it with the most important element, ‘Chocolate’. Trust us, we are not going to die with this chocolate overdose, in fact we are going to read all the entries thoroughly, select the best stories/poems and compile them in a gorgeous looking, glossy finished with a hardcover binding and a coloured Coffee Table Book.  But kindly follow the submission guidelines for making the process smooth for both you and us.

Submit either one original short story or a poem. Only one entry per household will be entertained, so submit your best work.Short story should be of 5000 words maximum and minimum 2000 words.Poem can be of any length.Write ‘Plethora Submission’ in the subject line and send it to plethorablogazine@rediffmail.com along with your short Bio in third person and a clear HD image.Our editorial board shall select the best stories and poems and the list of the selected candidates’ name shall be released on the website and in Plethora’s Facebook Group Page.The last date for submission is 30th October 2019 till midnight IST.The first list of the selected participants shall be released on 15th November 2019. The second list of the selected candidates (if any) shall be released on 20th of November 2019.

So grab on your paper and quill and let the ink flow and create some chocolaty affair.

Happy Writing!

Monalisa Joshi

Founder & Chief Editor

#Note: The whole process of the formation of this Coffee Table Book shall be predictably long, thus the timeline would remain open for the Editorial Board to work in accordance to this truth. Thus no queries during the process of its creation shall be entertained. Plethora shall itself keep on updating about the progress in regular intervals.



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