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Review of 'The Priceless Petals' By Er Shine

Dr Ritu Kumar's book entitled The Priceless Petals published by Authorspress is full of wisdom collection of middles and essays which evokes numerous feelings in a reader. She has dedicated this book to her mother for always inspiring her and her father for always being a mentor while sharing his wisdom and warmth with her. The book has a beautiful cover with number of rose petals depicting the various middles about the journey of her life and her experiences through various situations which came together to form a full bloomed rose of her life. It is an intricately woven collection of her middles that got published in newspapers namely, The Tribune, The Hindustan Times, The Daily Post. As John Keats had said, 'A thing of beauty is a joy forever.' Similar is my opinion about this book, it surely is a delight for every kind of book lover.

The book containing sixty-eight essays in total, has been divided into six sections- the first section comprising the middles talking about the cherished bonds of the author’s life, the second section expatiates on the truthful observations regarding various aspects and left readers with a whiff of nostalgia. The third one deals with the multifarious college life; the fourth section revolve round the subject of feminism. Festival Fiesta and Seasonal Spells is the fifth section and it is about the moments that one cherished in such joyful times. Societal Subtleties is the last section and is primarily related to the societal responses on various issues.

Though its related to her journey of life at various fronts be it personal or professional, yet one can find various petals relatable.

"She kept fortitude and forbearance through many sleepless nights during the fatal illness of my younger sister."

The above line in the very first middle ‘Seen Buddha in the Calmness of Mother’ speaks volumes about a mother’s unadulterated and unalloyed love for her children. She has in her felicity to aptly describe her thoughts.

Her write-ups are an amalgamation of her knowledge and experiences from the various roles of her life- daughter, wife, mother, educator, writer and most importantly a woman who is a proponent of feminism. Readers can enrich themselves in the multi-hued emotions expressed in these essays. As the middle ‘Santa Claus in the Time of Gift Vouchers’ brings out the motley of emotions in every reader as it is an odyssey of childhood memories, nostalgia, and mirroring universal human feelings.

The candid approach towards the realities of life is starkly visible in her work. Her take on day-to-day happenings and sharing her wisdom on them displays her profound thoughts and nicety as a human being. The memories of the surreal encounters in childhood are fraught with sensitive emotions of delight, wonder, and bewilderment. A line from ‘Panacea is but an Epidemic of Contagious Laughter’ literally illustrates the prowess of her thoughtfulness views about life.

"Indeed, laughter is the brush that sweeps away the cobwebs of one’s heart."

Such is the flavor of her work that readers of every kind can satiate their literary taste buds for sure. The touch of enchanting alliterations in her writings has amazed and impressed readers a lot.

The essays are pervasive and the author, by her subjective personal attachment to all the incidents, events and memories has succeeded in presenting it beautifully. Such is the presentation of thoughts in the essays and middles that readers are coaxed into the position of a spectator introspecting the events mentioned.

The beauty of the essays lies in the exaltation of the ordinary things like bicycles, bindi, books and incidents of everyday life, to which humans are seldom riveted. The depth of essays lies in the strongly captivating grip of the flawless and smooth narration.

Dr. Ritu owing to her broad spectrum of knowledge by indulging in the classic as well as modern literature seems influenced by way of various authors like Shashi Deshpande, yet having her own unique style of execution which makes her a prolific writer. She has painted the characters and incidents with a subtle touch of skillfully added humor, yet preserving the moral and the knowledge in every middle.

At the end, the reader’s emails will provide a glimpse of the stature of author among her readers. To concord, I strongly recommend this book to everyone as it will teach a lot about life and readers will find relevance with various incidents in it which will surely make it as one of your memorable reads.

Book: The Priceless Petals

Writer: Dr. Ritu Kumar

Publisher: Authorspress

Number of chapters: 68

Number of pages: 204


Author: Er Shine

The author is an engineer from Punjab who finds utmost bliss in quilling her thoughts which otherwise may not be heard. Her journey of writing which began from her school days as a mere hobby, but over time became her life's passion. She loves to be the voice of voiceless through her pen and wants to bring in front the various issues hindering the growth of society. She likes to dabble in various genres of poetry and prose, mostly under her pen name of Er. Shine. Believes in equal opportunities for one and all devoid of any deviation. Along with her job, she is also working as a researcher and her research work got published in various national and international conferences and journals. Her research area varies from medical diseases to wireless communication, Artificial intelligence and Machine learning. She finds solace in life's simple pleasures like meditating, cooking, singing, travelling, gardening. Being an environment lover issues related to climate change are close to her heart and is working at her level to tackle them



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