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Review of ‘Tamed Words’ a Poetry Chapbook penned by Sanam Sharma

'The most honest emotions of the poet and a candid way of writing are what this collection is about.'

For one day, when you and I,

Will be gone,

Perhaps, some young boy,

Will stumble upon my words, and,

Whisper them to the girl of his dreams,

And, from the edges of the universe,

You and I,

Will re-live our romance.

The book opens with this beautiful musing, and a sweet soulful message the poet has left for someone very special, perhaps his son and that when he grows up and reads his father’s poetry he will pass on the magic of his poems to a dream girl and the poet and his muse will watch from another horizon and re-live those moments of love which they are spending upon this earth as two lovers insanely in love with each other.

And this was reason enough for me to turn the pages of this sweetly small compiled book that can be finished fast and read in a go. But I didn’t I, enjoyed each poem a day, allowing them to settle inside of me, so that I could be more in the rhythm of the words which the poet has tried to tame thorough his hands and emotions to create a world full of most truthful poems and sincere expressions.

As in his second collection “The faint trickle of the Sand Grains” here too you will find the same style of portraying the poems, his diction is simple, but his way of expressing them is more effective and credible. He uses to his full liberty the seasons, the cycle of time like dusk, night, dawn, the nature in his poems, and somewhere he has written those poems of his various visits in the city and out of the city through moments that had stayed with him and he gave them wings by changing them into verses at his solace.

Few poems are on the dreadful incidents that often take place in the darkness in big cities (particularly India), while some poems are his observations that he does of people, their silent emotions and sometimes about his own inner feelings which he feels with a poet’s heart. The book consists of 36 poems and I would say the poet has done justice to all the poems written as they are a portrayal of the most sublime yet gentle to the soul kind of poetry.

Plethora’s Verdict: ‘Tamed Words’ is a well written poetry chapbook with solicitously written poems that you would love to read and would feel a shade of freshness in the poet’s writing style. I would recommend this book to all the age group from children to young and even adult as the poems in it are suave and enjoyable to read. I would like to rate this book a 3.5 for its content and 4 out of 5 for its articulate writing style.

Poet & Writer: Sanam Sharma

Born and brought up in Amritsar (India), Sanam migrated to Melbourne, Australia in 1999. It is this dichotomy of being a migrant, where the writer emerges in Sanam, as he grapples with a sense of his identity across two cultures. Growing up, writing and poetry, started as a fanciful hobby for Sanam. He would often sneak into his dad’s library and stealthily feast on the works of many famous poets and writers. Published in 2016 “Tamed Words” (AuthorsPress, India), is Sanam’s first book where he takes the leap from being a writer who kept losing poetry written on stray pieces of paper, to a published poet. A regular blogger with SBS Radio Australia (https://www.sbs.com.au/yourlanguage/person/sanam-sharma ), and HuffPost India (https://www.huffingtonpost.in/author/sanam-sharma/), Sanam passionately shares his opinions about politics, sports, and everything in between. In July 2018, Sanam’s poetic journey was featured by AMES Australia as one of the seven migrant stories to celebrate 70 years of migration in Australia (https://www.ames.net.au/australianmade/migrantstory-sanam-sharma-90s).



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