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Review of ‘Morosis’ penned by Abhishek Kumar Shandliya

‘A poetry collection dedicated by the poet to his wife.’

Morosis is a book of poems written by Abhishek Kumar Shandilya and the book contains 48 poems that are all love poems dedicated to his loving wife Mamta Kumari. To begin with I would say that I found it a very sweet gesture of the poet that he has chosen to pour his heart out; his inner emotions sometimes love filled and sometimes full of dismay through verses and poetry. The collection is basically a chapbook of poems which can be read in a very short period but the poetry has deeper sense which will slowly sink within you. As in my case it happened as same, it took me sometime to absorb the poems and then I felt the poet’s heart and his love for his wife who has worked as his muse I would say for creating this poetry collection.

The poet has most candidly confessed in the preface that he was going through the darkest moments of his life. But somehow he felt within his conscience that someone was waiting for him in this birth to become his beloved and soul mate on this journey of life. This invisible connection on the spiritual level saved him from committing a biggest mistake and now he admits that his love is deeper than the physical love, something that could be called a divine love where you haven’t met the person but their vibes are felt and saves your soul from going into the abyss and live back again as if you are born as a new person. I must say that the author’s wife is a very fortunate woman for whom he is recording all his love through poems and verses and they shall live even after them, and perhaps someday they might become an inspiration for his future generations to feel proud of and understand that love can have myriad shades. From despair, gloom, melancholy to morosis (a kind of medical condition where the mind becomes slow), but then this has to be understood that a bruised poet’s heart and mind bleeds more poetry and this book is proof of that.

The book has the same rhythmic pattern of weaving words, the poems have been written in free verse style and all the poems are on love, recorded as messages perhaps of confessions and his clandestine love feelings for his wife. Thus I would say that though I have enjoyed reading all the poems but one particular poem has become my favourite ‘My Goddess is Missing’.

My goddess is missing

Therefore I lit lamps

I found the spark transient

She was dancing there

It was flame flickering

She was burned perhaps

This poem is enough to say that the collection is about and for the author’s muse, his wife and he keeps her safe in the sanctuary of his heart as his goddess. There is no further explanation needed as this poem I would say is speaking for the entire collection of the book. She has become his lover, his goddess, his muse and his messiah who brought him out towards the light giving him hope and reason to live. Giving a woman the place of a goddess the author has bluntly admitted through all his work in this collection his inevitable love for her. I hope she reads the poems too and feel how much fortunate she is being his twin flame in their journey of life.

Plethora’s Verdict: As the reviewer of this book I would say that the poems in this chapbook are fresh and enjoyable to read. Love poems never seem stereotypical and always feel good to read and delve deeper. The poems will  give out a resonance and speak to the young hearts so I would suggest it as a good read and particularly for romance genre readers. For the content I would give this book a 4 on the scale of 5 and recommend it as a sweet small book that one can travel and read. A book with a precise message, who knows it might work wonder for someone who is in need of soothing words, Morosis overall is a good collection of love poems.

Author and Poet Abhishek Kumar Shandilya born on 09th August 1981 and raised at Daudnagar, Aurangabad, Bihar. He graduated in Education and mastered in English language and literature from Magadh University, BodhGaya. After he finished university he moved towards working as a teacher in English. He likes reading and writing poems, short stories for pleasure and self improvement. He has two collections of poems Origin(The beginning) and Morosis (A collection of Love poems) with an anthology of poems The piquant Brook(The voice Is Also The body) to his credit.



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