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Review of “Birds Like Us” penned by Deepak K Choudhary

Being a bibliophile first and the Chief Editor of Plethora Blogazine later, I got this beautiful opportunity to read Mr. Deepak K Choudhary’s debut poetry book and would like to share some of my most candid views on it.  The book begins with the most intriguing poem ‘Night is the name of a Song’, which is an alluring free verse style poetry but it has varied layers of emotions of the poet hidden beneath it that the poet has reflected through six stanzas. The very notion that night is a song which he prefers to sing and never gets tired of singing is in itself a kind of metaphysical expression that portrays how the poet sees the world and wants to merge in the tranquillity of night which brings him solitude. As the poet has said,

For the venue,

I explore a bright spot,

Sewn deep into the heart of,

An undisturbed green, dotting,

The stretches of forlorn obscurity,

Lending me an ambiance,

Where I can create the tranquillity of,

Sea in every flow

Most of the poems are straight and outspoken, portraying the poet’s own life experiences at different stages of life. His writing style and expressing of the most innermost thoughts about the mundane world makes all the poems ethereal in their treatment of the subjects or themes that he has chosen. There is freshness in each and every poem, they take you to the monotonous life of the poet somewhere, somewhere they take you to his most hushed feelings that he is not able to speak through words. The poems have a different narrative style that makes you feel easily connected with the poet at the same time the writing is above excellence. Being a romance genre writer and poet myself, at first I was slightly sceptical that I might lose interest very soon while reading the book but to my surprise no sooner I read the first poem and some more I found it so soothing, the voice, the imagery, the word flow, freshness and originality of the content in each piece that I couldn’t give it up. Rather I used to read it loudly making all the words slowly sit inside my soul as much they resonated, they also took me to the world of the poet himself. Nothing fancy, no imaginative world but the most mundane, the simplest world of the poet from his eyes. And this is what I enjoyed the most, the candidness.

I could however feel that each poem is behaviour of a different style of expressing inner thoughts and emotions of existing amidst the crowd where most of the time grandeur seems to be missing or happens by chance only, like I liked this particular poem a lot where the poet says:

In a world like ours,

Life is made of,

Small things,

That can be spelt,

Without difficulty,

And big things happen,

Only accidentally,

Or by chance

The lucidness with which the poet has expressed the simplicity of daily life of his and I am sure many would resonate with his words is what is unique about the book and brings the desire to read on more. The poems in this anthology are so unique, each piece speaks of a different truth and if it would have been possible I could have reviewed each poem separately. Another matchless and interesting point that I found in this book is that all the poems are centre aligned which is a rare thing to see in a poetry book, so Deepak Choudhary has broken the stereotype and presented his book in the most innovative manner.

Now from his way of narration, it can be said that he is a contemporary poet but he surely has his own way of presenting the words in the most attention grabbing way. The poems are all inimitable; it basically seems like a journey in itself where the poet takes you within his world of silent existence almost like a minuscule in this vast world. His dismayed emotions, his silent words towards his soul mate, his perception of an ordinary life, his view about the whole world and his efforts to merge with the fast paced world, everything has come alive with his words. The imagery, the metaphors, the absurdity, the precision of looking at the world from behind the glass of an observer, and that longing of being free, I would say “Birds Like Us” is truly an epitome of verses that would slowly get settled at the bottom of your core and every time you would pick the book you would feel the profundity hidden in them.

Plethora’s verdict on “Birds Like Us” : This book by Deepak Choudhary is a must for genre specific writers and readers, because it bluntly breaks that pattern and brings a thought that so many arrays of poetry could be explored. A great treat I am sure for all poetry lovers this book surely has been complied with great efforts and time, and thus I would recommend all the readers out there to give it a read for sure. In the end I would scale it 4.5 / 5 for its fresh and interesting collection.

Author & Poet: Deepak K Choudhary

‘Birds Like Us’ is a poetry book and the maiden collection of 90 poems composed by Deepak K Choudhary at different points of time on an array of subjects straddling across various contextual terrains of human experience. Deepak K Choudhary is a poet, translator, editor and blogger with a master’s degree from JNU. He is a polyglot gifted with a flair for writing; he has penned poems and prose pieces in English, Hindi and his mother tongue Maithili. Some of his poems have been published in well known literary magazines and journals such as The South Asian Ensemble, The Indian Literature, Indian Africanist and so on. He also prefers to write under the pseudonym Deepak Darshak or Darshak.



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