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Poems by Jake Cosmos Aller

Wearing a Mask is not a political statement

to my friends in America

and around the world

to those who think

that somehow the corona virus

only infects other people

that it is all a liberal hoax


nothing more than a bad flu

and nothing to do with me

demanding that we all go

back to work

what is wrong with you?

have you lost your humanity?

will millions have to die

so you can have a Big Mac?

so you can have a Big Mac

and a beer

whenever you damn please

and no one can tell you

please wear a mask

have you lost all reason

is it all now

about owning the dems

and the damn libtards

is there any thing left

in your cold greedy heart?

and you still proclaim

that you are Christian

as you violate all the Christian principles

what would Jesus do

what would Jesus do

what does the bible say

we should do

in the midst of this pandemic

is it the Christian thing to do

to let millions of people die

did not Christ talk about love

compassion and mercy

would not Jesus

wear a mask

to protect himself

and others

from this ravaging disease

that does not care

that does not care

who you are

who you voted for

which church you go to

and Jesus and God

are not there

watching all of us

as the virus spreads

it will affect you

sooner or later

and when it does

perhaps if you had worn

a mask

A mask

you might have prevented

a few more people

have died

a few more people

including your grandfather



relative might be alive

if you were not such

a self centered man

and I appeal to you man

to man up become a member

of the human race again

Wearing a Mask Saves Lives

To the owner of Liberty Bar and Grill

I understand that you are banning

wearing of masks inside your bar

because somehow wearing a mask

offends you and your Christian values

and makes a political statement

that the person wearing a mask

is a libtard or a Democrat

or anti-Trump

and those kinds are not welcomed

in your bar and grill

therefore you are putting your staff

your friends and your family at risk

of catching and spreading

the corona virus

the corona virus

You say that you don’t care

if people get the corona virus

it is nothing but a cold or flu

but the thing about it

the deadly thing about the virus

the virus does not care about you

or your political views

and if you or your friends catch it

some of them will get sick and die

and it would all be because of your actions

and wearing a mask is not

a political statement

wearing a mask does not show weakness

wearing a mask does not show weakness

and does not mean that the wearer

is a political enemy

I would respect you more

if you posted a sign

no liberals, democrats

non-whites, gays and anti-Trumpers

allowed but that would be illegal

so you take it out on mask wearers

you are so following the Christian faith

what would Jesus say to you

I wonder?

Just shut up already

Put on the damn mask no doubt

End of America

In 2020 we are seeing the end

of America

a virus spreads out

across the land

the economy craters

100 thousands of Americans

lie dead

then protests break out

over the brutal murder

of a named black man

in broad daylight

and protests break out

all over the land

America is divided

America is breaking down

America is breaking down,

dying in our streets

and politicians

are calling for a crackdown

is a fascist military take over coming soon

will all protests be deemed illegal

as the police state takes over

and America lies dying

and will the fascists

finally take over the land

and we become just another

failed former democracy?

will the world soon forget

that America died this summer

the summer of the end of America

Jake Aller: Novelist, Poet & Writer

John (“Jake” ) Cosmos Aller is a novelist, poet and former Foreign Service officer having served 27 years with the U.S. State Department in ten countries - Antigua, Barbados, Dominica, Grenada,  Korea, India, St Kitts, St Lucia,  St Vincent, Spain and Thailand. and traveled to 45 countries during his career.  Jake has been an aspiring novelist for several years and has completed two novels, (Giant Nazi Spiders, and the Great Divorce) and is pursuing publication.  He has been writing poetry all his life and has published his poetry in electronic poetry forums, including All Poetry, Moon Café and Duane’s Poetree. (under the name Jake Lee).  He is looking forward to transitioning to his third career – full-time novelist and poet after completing his second career as a Foreign Service officer, and his first career as an educator overseas for six years upon completion of his Peace Corps service in South Korea.

He served in a wide variety of positions running from Consular management, Fraud investigation and managing the consular overseas computer support desk, to economic and political reporting positions, international labor diplomacy, commercial diplomacy - promoting American business overseas- international organization diplomacy serving as the deputy permanent representative to the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific, to management positions including program management, evaluation and contracting management, and environmental and science diplomacy including promoting renewable energy solutions.  He taught courses at the Foreign Service Institute and overseas in Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Kathmandu on consular fraud and consular Systems issues.

Senior program evaluator overseeing the implementation of the Department's evaluation program enabling the Department to develop a robust program evaluation system.Coordinated training program training over 200 people in three years. Launched community of practice (CoP) web page (word press) with over 300 participants, greatly expanding the ability of State program evaluators to conduct program evaluations. Conducted meta-evaluation of completed foreign assistance evaluations insuring that the Department’s evaluations provided critical program improvement data.

Deputy Political Economic chief, - Bridgetown, Barbados

Served as the deputy political economic chief covering political, economic, labor, environment and science and commercial diplomacy efforts in the Eastern Caribbean. Received labor officer of the year award for work in setting up regional training programs in occupational safety issues, and meeting with labor leaders in all seven countries greatly expanding our labor diplomacy outreach; Initiated two American Chambers of Commerce organizations, Conducted fund raising in support of  Embassy’s July fourth celebrations, the first time held in multiple countries, raising $100,000 over a three year period; Conducted training programs in all seven countries demonstrating to hundreds of locals on how to access U.S. Government  export financing programs.

CA/FPP Deputy Training Team Coordinator – Washington, DC,

Taught consular fraud prevention courses at the Foreign Service Institute, and in Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, greatly increasing knowledge and skills in fraud detection. Launched Lexus Nexus public record database access for consular officers worldwide, therefore dramatically improving consular fraud prevention efforts,

Initiated first inter agency Fraud Working Group coordinating fraud efforts among Departments of Homeland Security, State, and Labor. 

Received Cash Award.

Deputy Consular Chief, - Mumbai, India

Oversaw American citizen services, immigration visas in fifth largest operation in the world and fraud prevention programs greatly improving management of each. Supervised and mentored 15 junior officers and 50 local staff resulting in each unit receiving group cash awards. Received two cash Meritorious Honor awards for his work helping American citizens facing crises including helping American citizens whose family members died in India, or were arrested. Organized task force that dealt with aftermath of worst earthquake in 50 years. 



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