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The Immersion

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

That closet with those silk saris has been closed,

For long, I have forgotten the shine, the lustre,

The hues of those, which I came wearing along,

With you goddess, you went to your abode,

Beyond the hills and I came to mine upon earth,

Time passed by, we both were lost within the confines,

Of our existence, as woman, you were the Goddess,

I was the human, but why thy doors remained,

Open for you to visit them, didn’t you burn yourself?

That day when they insulted thy beloved,

And yet the autumn gust still enters silently through,

Those glass casements and pays obeisance to thy,

Lotus feet, but my abode still remains untouched,

By its arrival, for the casements and doors my,

Sweet mate! Remains closed and of that threshold,

Of those locked hearts, sealed lips and tight hands,

Who have long stopped the seasons and love to reach,

My dwelling, I have lost the festivities, the bright nights,

And those reasons myriad to again open that closet,

And wrap those nine yards of silk around my body,

You said, “Turn into stone”, I am slowly doing it,

But how could I? I was made of the same clay from,

The Ganges, of what you were, then how can I be a,

Mere human, I am goddess too, and this time I shall,

Visit thy abode to ask the same question,

“Are you happy to be in your maternal home?

For I am still looking for mine, it’s lost somewhere,

During my becoming of a goddess, but,

I did heard your advice my friend, being a clay heart,

Helps, the fissures and cracks don’t bleed anymore,

But promise me this time you won’t go alone,

I shall submerge along with you, hand in hand together,

You would see me melting and I would see you,

And in those times we shall cry, for the world won’t,

See those clogged tears of years,

But merely the mud mixing into mud and not

Our unspoken emotions, but the silk from thy body,

And from mine, would reach another goddess,

Whom I saw was staring, quietly from that horde,

Our immersion...

~Monalisa Joshi~



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