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Ricochet Spirits

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

Image Source: Pinterest

Brewing storm and gathering mass,

A voice, a sound, a squeak,

Louder and louder is the movement behind the closed doors,

Something to be feared and something to be welcomed,

Rising from the embers, from the forgotten caskets, and crashing of the shattered glasses in the kitchen, offices, trains and buses,

Trying to push the boundaries being encouraged,

Is a mind dwelling stronger and speaking louder,

Wearing confidence is my daughter, my mother, my sister, my neighbour, my aunt and my lovely grandmother,

Conquering lies, secrets, scandals, fear, cowardice, shame, and barriers,

The tongue withheld talks fluently of what not and the truth,

Of the abuse, hate and everything under the sun,

Until the world sits up and takes notice,

That it’s being won over by something which it was created by,

A ricochet spirit rising high in the sky,

Returning back with a vengeance is a

A sun which isn’t there to set but to dawn…

A poem by: Farheen Kazmi

Farheen Kazmi is a newbie contemporary romance writer. She has her work published on Amazon as well. She is a voracious reader first, before being an author. She also writes poetry as it is closer to her heart. She is a great fan of the novels written by Agatha Christie and Charlotte Brontë. She is an MBA graduate and has worked in the field for a bit before quitting it to pursue what she loved the most. Writing gave her the needed liberty to play with words and characters. It is what inspired her to be herself. She plans to keep progressing and improving a lot in the field of writing. She feels it is a long way for her to go before achieving something big. Striving hard is the motto and it is her mantra too. The above poem has been written by her under #plethoraquiz3 inspired by Tishani Doshi’s poem “Girls are Coming out of the Woods”.



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