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Plethora Blogazine is seeking Correspondent Editors & Literary Journalists

Plethora Blogazine has myriad projects in pipeline, for which a dedicated team of designers and editors from our associate and Publishing Partner, Writersgram Publications are working with their utmost efficiency. With myriad other contest and prompt plans going inside of our heads we are also thinking of taking another leap of bringing our Magazine Issues into print version.

Nonetheless, for this venture we have given a thought of expanding our horizons and invite more people into the Plethora family. Yes! You are right! We are seeking for our new and future projects and for the further issues some Correspondent Editors and Intern Journalists.

What Are We Expecting

· As Correspondent Editors, you have to bring us cover stories and interviews of authors/poets and writers. Each story should be well researched; the questionnaire should be well organized with not more than or less than ten questions in it. Bring us the cover story and if we find it good enough than we shall be more than elated to publish it in our Magazine with due credit given to you. But the drift is that it will be your task to find an author/poet for interviewing for our Magazine.

· As Literary Intern Journalists your task would be to gather and bring some great articles from the literary world. Bring it on any topic, art, culture, literature, a travel diary or even non-fiction would be greatly welcomed.

What You Can Expect From Us

·You will be introduced as the new Correspondent Editor/ Intern Journalists for Plethora Blogazine.

·There is no bond of compulsion or any strict timeline of your tenure with us, you can keep on working with us, or leave anytime with dignity, your decision shall be respected. Or you can choose to work for any subsequent issue in between.

·Your name will always stay on our wall of fame in the Website as the previous editor/ journalist mentioning the issue that you have worked for.

· We apologize! Right now we are unable to give you any monetary benefits, but when you work with us you will be given a certificate of your apprenticeship with Plethora Blogazine along with our merchandise giveaway to you.

There is lot that you can learn from us, and we can learn from you! We are looking for fresh, new ideas to incorporate within our magazine, and we are just a mail away.

To get noticed you just have to send us five samples of your literary work (preferably articles, essays or cover stories if done any). You can also choose to send a blend of the entire above genre in one doc. File and mail it to plethorablogazine@rediffmail.com with ‘About me’ in the subject line. We will do a first round evaluation and if your work is compelling enough, we will make you part of our team. Bingo! It’s going to be that simple.

Looking forward to your association,

Warmly Yours,

Monalisa Joshi

Founder & Chief Editor

Plethora Blogazine

Print & Publishing Partner




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