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Our Symphony by Priya Washikar

Image Source: Pinterest

I am the fading dawn, you the dewy dusk 

We live on either side of the sanguine sunrise

So incomplete without each other 

Though poles apart I just realize 

We're different as chalk and cheese 

In the colloquial way 

Because you my dear are the serene night

And me the vibrant day 

Oh! Opposites do attract, 

Are words that are cliched so 

But together we shall make it work 

We have a long long way to go 

The roads ahead might be daunting 

Let's face the perils old or new 

As in my heart I know for sure 

I shall be nothing without you 

We shall walk in unison 

We shall create our own symphony   

After all our life together is 

Nothing but a beautiful Odyssey 

Writer & Poet: Priya Washikar

Priya Washikar is a blogger and a poet. A mother of two wonderful kids, she has also worked as a teacher for many years. Poetry is a passion and she believes it has given her thoughts a beautiful voice. The above poem by her has won her second place in the #poetryprompt #followthecue organized by Plethora Blogazine in their Facebook Group Page in the year 2020.



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