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My Rainbow of Hope by Bhargavi Ravindra

At times,

I love to stand alone

And watch the world pass by

See the dust rise

Towards the sky!

I tie my hope ...

My balloon of Hope 

I let it float

In the limitless expanse of the blue

And the child in me 

celebrates this moment of ecstasy!

Immensely pleased 

hugely satisfied,

I sail through the euphoria 

My eyes are glued

Lest my Hope is lost in the blue wilderness

I feel the Sharp pain, 

slowly, the tears start gathering 

And suddenly -

There is a tiny drop on my hand

Sun rays pass thru it,,

And out of blue 

I see a rainbow

Am I amused ?

I see my hope spread across the sky 

Like a rainbow!

And suddenly 

Sky turns dark

The thick clouds 

Have just gathered

I look at the tiny drop on my hand

I inadvertently glance upwards

Then cast my eyes downwards

A rain drop 

Or, a tear drop?

I see

My Rainbow of Hope ....

So magical, mesmerisingly beautiful

Slowly spreading across the blue expanse

sending my world in ecstatic tizzy 

Then slowly retreating behind the clouds

I know, nothing can hide my ray of hope

Breaking the barrier of cloud 

It will emerge 

more vibrant, more alluring 

Even if it has to disappear,

Behind the clouds.

Yet, I know 

It has come to stay within me

I am happy 

I let the world go by!

And I watch in awe 

The dust settle down 

Slowly, eventually !

My Rainbow of Hope in my heart

I happily shut my eyes,

And, wait for the New Dawn!

Author & Poet: Bhargavi Ravindra

Bhargavi Ravindra, presently residing in Bengaluru; Karnataka is a post Graduate in Physics and a teacher by profession, having served as a mentor and coordinator. She is a bilingual poetess/writer. Though her Mother Tongue is Kannada and her subject of specialization is Physics, she is passionate about Hindi  poetry and Urdu Gazals. Her poetic journey started  from her school days and she was on the editorial board for the school magazine. Her book ...compilation of Poems and Gazals ‘बचपन....काश! कहीं ठहर जाता’ was launched under the banner of Rashtra Bhasha Prachar Samithi, Bhopal; M P by the Honourable Governor of Goa, Her Highness  Sm.t Mridula Garg on 19th March 2018 in a glittering function. Some of her poems were published in a leading overseas magazine SAT -South Asia Times. Presently she is working on books - 1) Hindi poems for children - specially to popularise Hindi in South, 2) English motivational poems. In recent times she has taken to social media to express herself and regularly writes for number of Facebook literary forums like...Asian Literary society, UBI united by Ink, Bhavon ke moti, Sukhan, Amar Ujjala ....and has won awards and certificates. Some of her poems are part of Anthologies soon to be published.



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