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Letter Story by Farheen Kazmi

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

Dear Miss Emily Branwell,

You might be quite surprised to get a letter from an unknown source. My apologies for being so bold and direct in corresponding to you through a letter rather than I first introducing myself to you in person. I have a good explanation for that as I do not want to make a distasteful first impression. I make this hasty attempt at trying to introduce myself to you. For that I profusely apologize again.

I have an urgent matter to attend at Kent this afternoon and I felt the need to find your address and post this letter as soon as possible before I take the long journey. Now I take a breath. Well. You must be wondering about how I know you and why I wanted to write a letter to you. Rest assured. I am not a person of suspicious behaviour writing odd letters to unsuspecting women. I do not do that. At all.

It was at the Viscount Atwood’s ball that I first saw you. Last Tuesday it was if you recall attending it. Speaking of introductions again, I think I still did not address to you my name at all. I am Lewis Worthington Smith. The present Earl of the estate Worthington's Shire.

Now do not be alarmed. The title and the surname enough surely may have informed you about the gossip it usually manages to circulate around. That is if you are the reader of the most popular column of 'Sunday Times' magazine. The author had written till date a great elaborate story series about the dalliances of the new Earl. Each article, I am amused and annoyed at the same time to confess are quite extraordinary.

Again, you must be wondering about how arrogant and a cad I am for boasting the rumours as a kind of some great achievement. I completely agree with you in it. But it isn’t true. I detest the many names. The lies about my personal life have grown too enormous and I need to find a solution to squelch it from the roots.

You may wonder about why I haven’t acted earlier. Because I do not find myself comfortable to move about and stay in the society’s eye most often. I let it by taking the matter not of any importance in comparison to the work I am right now immersed in. It is the principle I learned in my growing up years that 'work speaks volumes than a laid out hypothesis'.

I want to be known for the kind of work I do than what my personal life consists of. Well. This is it. If you had never heard about the rumours about my reputation then this letter provides you with the information. Along with the actual truth. I never lied before nor I do now. This is my

complete honesty to you.

I do not live by my rumoured reputation hence I never saw you with ‘rakish eyes' as they say. As I am described as such. Instead, I found the conversation that you had with your friend at the ball rather an interesting one. I was curious. I own you a lot of apologies. Pardon me for eavesdropping. Again. I never do that. What caught my ears was how many charity organizations were in need of help from the noble peerage.

Your friend was keen to ask about the names of the charitable foundations. I instantly took note in my memory about the list you divulged. I will be frank with you here and say how I do not see most often the ladies in entertainment filled balls discussing about such pressing issues of the society. I found your knowledge and your concern too profound and emotional.

Once again, you might find me too arrogant and insulting to women. I’m not those things. I find men and women equals in knowledge and in every aspect of life. I’m not a hypocrite either. I completely believe in what I have been preached by both my mother and father.

I wonder how deep this matter of my reputation had taken roots into. Because I know one thing if I’m not assuming is that you might also have been aware of it. Or that you have an inclination of who I might be. I might be wrong completely. You might not know me at all. What made me think otherwise is your facial expression when suddenly out of nowhere my dear friend Atwood had sprung unaware towards me from behind.

My name coming as a too loud a surprise from his mouth put an abrupt spell of silence among the crowd in the hall. The murmurs began and I saw you stiffen at the mention of my title. Then I saw you hurry away from the gathering of the crowd into the hall. I couldn’t move past the people greeting me nor I could get rid of the nagging sensation in the back of my head. Of how I might have appeared to be, for you, to literally run from the announcement of my name. It means, the damage was done. My reputation of being the 'rake of the Worthington Shire' as I’m mostly addressed in the gossip column had made you wary of my person.

I saw then the numerous women surround me after the announcement of my title, the same women who had only an hour ago did not care about a stranger walking into the hall without any servants hovering around him. But you didn’t find my title an opportunity to grab. Instead it made you uncomfortable. As I could see clearly in your face the disdain filled glance you directed with your beautiful hazel eyes towards the eager people who flocked around me.

If it is still my overthinking then pardon me for assuming wild ideas that had taken seed in my mind since then. But, if it is the case then by this letter I hope you do not think about me in such a way anymore. Like I said before. This is me in complete honesty with you. Until now I haven’t

written any letter to any other woman except you.

I only hope that you trust me by my words. If you do not still believe in me then you are free to burn this letter or throw it away. Why I implore so much you may ask again. I do not know the answer to it yet. You intrigued me. A lot. I regret not talking to you in person. I’m disappointed in not having a conversation with you face to face. I specifically remember your voice. It was light, musical and gentle. Something which I find rare around these days.

You might have been surprised about the absence of a peerage stamp over this letter. You would have been informed about the source of it much earlier than before you reading it. I apologize. I did not want to scare you with all of it. Hence the anonymity. Yet, I do not want to come across

to you as a stranger who followed you around at Atwood’s ball. I just eavesdropped and had looked at you from afar. Alright. I cringe. I know how it all seems after I confess following you around without you being aware of it. I would have introduced myself to you right away but you disappeared quite altogether from the ball. In my defence I had no opportunity.

Just trust me enough. I’m not going to hurt you. I wouldn’t dream of it. With all this and still if you decide to write back to me then I attached the postal address of the place I would be staying at. My work at Kent may prolong longer than three months and my heart grows weary of it.

Now after a sigh I just see how long a letter I have written. I had never written not more than three lines of greetings to nor my sister and brother whilst when I stayed in a dorm in India in the past. They might get offended if they ever come across this long a letter. Rest assured again I never divulge my personal correspondence to anyone close to me.

I re-read this letter thrice already and it took me awhile to come to the end of the paper without my eyes drooping close a bit. I hope though I do not bore you with this letter. I confess I’m too awkward at penning down my thoughts to be read by someone. I apologize in advance if anywhere in the letter I annoyed or made you uncomfortable with my words or manner.

I’m now finishing off this letter with a hope to get a reply from you soon. Absence of it I surely would deeply regret knowing the loss of an intelligent company consisting of a face with a child like innocence.

-With great respect and admiration,

Lewis. W. S.

About the Author

Farheen Kazmi is a newbie contemporary romance writer. She has her work published on Amazon as well. She is a voracious reader first, before being an author. She also writes poetry as it is closer to her heart. She is a great fan of the novels written by Agatha Christie and Charlotte Brontë. She is an MBA graduate and has worked in the field for a bit before quitting it to pursue what she loved the most. Writing gave her the needed liberty to play with words and characters. It is what inspired her to be herself. She plans to keep progressing and improving a lot in the field of writing. She feels it is a long way for her to go before achieving something big. Striving hard is the motto and it is her mantra too.

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