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I’ll Wait for You by Sanjana S Shrivastav

Whenever I look around

Love’s everywhere to be found

Alas, I’ve not found you yet

We haven’t even met

And I still miss you

Are you just a dream that’s too good to be true?

Without you, everyday seems to be vain

I’m left with no choice but to bear the pain

I feel meaningless and lost

Oh, I want to meet you at any cost

I simply can’t wait for the day

When you’ll walk into my life - and you’ll be there to stay

When no more will I have to aimlessly roam

For in your heart, I’ll have my home

When you and I will create together

Memories meant to last forever

Through every smile and every tear

We’ll be there for each other- what’s left to fear?

I’ll be yours and you’ll be mine-

Like the magnificent moon will our love shine

As our teeth fall out and our hair turns grey

We’ll think about how glad we are to have run into each other on the way

Together we’ll sit back and reminisce

How simply each other’s presence made our lives bliss

I find it immensely difficult to wait

Alas, we’re after all, mere puppets on the strings of fate

So until my cherished dream comes true

For as long as it takes, I’ll wait for you.

Sanjana S Shrivastav is a young student studying commercial studies in Mumbai. She has been writing since a very young age and self- published her first book, a children’s fiction titled ‘Pup-O-Graphy! The Story of A Pup’ on lulu.com when she was only twelve years old. Apart from writing, she has a penchant for performing in theatre, elocutions and debates and has won numerous accolades for her school in the same.



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