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Home Body By Monalisa Joshi

I was walking on those unknown roads,

In the darkest hours, the places and people,

All seemed faceless; I was alone, lost,

An expression of worry and fear I was holding,

On to my face that had become faceless,

Too in the crowd of those ogling eyes,

Glancing at me suspiciously, I soon,

Saw an apparition standing in one of the,

Corners of that strange place I had ever,

Visited, he was someone who had a vehicle,

This gave me some hope as I rushed,

Towards his direction, I was running perhaps,

I could see my feet merely, that were taking,

Me swiftly, as I neared his silhouette, his faceless,

Face had expressions that gave me the sense,

I shouldn’t go with him; I took few steps back,

In hopelessness, kept walking in that unknown,

Territory, few lanes seemed familiar and I felt,

Joyous again thinking, the home was nearby,

Yet I couldn’t find the one that would take me there,

The more I walked upon those lanes, the more I was lost,

Standing perplexed, looking at all the haphazard,

Houses that gave me the feeling, I had one too,

Where I was loved, and my motherly heart,

Began to sob in those times, thinking of the ones,

My children, my lover whom I had come far,

From, in those moments of despair and aloofness,

I waited to see that known face that would come,

And take me home, but why? O why? I never,

Find my way home; I am often lost in another,

World of my presence, the sleeping world where,

My one body wanders, it had evermore broken,

The rules of the waking world and visited places,

Where it gets lost, and often comes back to the,

Breathing world of my presence in despair,

Leaving me bewildered for a longer time,

I succumb to such vivid dreams, strongly desiring,

Not to experience them anymore, I am gaily dwelling,

Within those four walls, the confines are those,

That limits me into that circle which I had feared,

To cross, I am a home body, had always been,

Yet the other body is stubborn, still escapes,

In the state of my slumber and is lost always, knowing,

That it never reaches home, never finds the path,

Forgetting each time, it’s as much a home body as much I am,

The presence of my being, into two worlds my darling!

I am fearful to move away from your love in both…

Monalisa Joshi is a writer, blogger, poet, reviewer and editor. As much she loves to write poetry, she also relishes in writing prose and fiction. She is presently working on one of her fiction book and writes poetry more often. She enjoys blogging and is quite active on social media platforms. She is an active member of an International poetry group called ‘The Awakening poets’ and also can be found on Face book and Twitter. Much of her writings and poetry are showcased in her blogs and can be visited at https://monalisajoshi105.wordpress.com/ and http://monalisa-wwwlisa.blogspot.in/. With a Major in English Literature she feels deeply inspired by Elizabethan poetry and Victorian women poet like Christina Rossetti and thus loves writing ballads and folklores. She is also the founder and Chief Editor of an online and Print Magazine called “Plethora”. She had won third position in a short story contest held by Story Mirror in the year 2016 in the English Category. First position in writing a long poem held by the Enigmatic Magazine and in the year 2018 her name has been recognised among the top fifty winners under the prompt given by Author Ananad Neelakantan of Bahubali fame organised by the Write India Contest, Times of India. She had also won third place in the Short Story Contest held by Asian Literary Society in the year 2019 and had received the Word Smith Award. She has three published books to her credit and her poems have been published in magazines like, Quillopia, Ink Drift, Kalaage and more. Her first poetry book ‘Stirring Spoonful of Emotions was published in the year 2014. In 2018 her second book of Poems and Musings with the title “Terracotta Dreams” was published by ‘Become Shakespeare’ and her third poetry book “The Devil’s Wife With Words Beneath her Cranium” has been recently published by Authorspress. She plans to write more fiction books in the future along with a play that she is working upon.



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