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Guiding Star by Sheena Jain

Updated: Mar 7

In the well of my half-slept half-woken dreams I hear the echo of my deepest thoughts The earth seems to rise and I fly to the moon Through a million stars that say my name

I see memories running by in zig zag streets While I walk alongside a bed of periwinkles It's a long road with lots of turns And a million questions cross my mind

Where will you take me, I ask the unending horizon I get no answer but a guardian angel appears 'Keep moving', it whispers, 'and the stars will light up your way'

The light guides me to an ocean I catch my reflection in the sparkling water And I see a little girl with a glint in her eye Chasing is not my nature but neither is giving up

I jump in and find myself floating on the clouds And my body feels the divine softness I clutch my pillow and pull over my duvet And rest in a weightless stupor

Poet & Writer: Sheena Jain

Sheena Jain is an HR professional from Delhi with close to fifteen years of corporate experience. She has begun her writing journey recently and finds herself enjoying every bit of it. She loves writing poems and shorts stories and many of her works have been featured on various digital literary platforms and also won several competitions.

Her main interests include Nature, Travel, Gender Equality, Human Behavior and Psychology, though she writes about anything that inspires her. Writing has given her a medium to share her thoughts and experiences with others in turn putting her on the path of self-discovery and growth.

The above poem has won her third place in the online #poetryandproseprompt #vividdreams organized by Plethora Blogazine in the year 2019.



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