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Fluttering Dreams by Kanakagiri Shakuntala

Sylvan surroundings, soothing zephyr Lilting music floating in the air A kaleidoscope of butterflies fluttering up and down Hovering around and alighting on me sound

Unkempt and unwanted in my home afar Looking for opportunities to escape by far The multi coloured butterflies serenading me grand Escorting me into my bewitching dreamland

The colourful angels ushering me with gossamer wings Nudging and rocking me on the surreal swings As if I was in a land of elves and fairies The winged celestial beings showering pristine daisies

As pure and innocent as they would seem Sprinkling white flowers and petals cream Fragrance wafting with a touch of divine tang Casting a holy spell with a long magic wand

As if sensing my inner desire They haul me up with my crumpled attire Swaying, swooning in the billowing soft layers Bouncing with joy to thrills of rocking blue veneers

Lost in the lovely and luring land of Eden A paradise in the yonder of heavenly gardens Where 'Tree of life' and 'Fruits of knowledge', grew Into that illusory land, I waltzed and flew

To bring solace and cheer from heavenly floors To the bitter, bereaved and the broken souls Some hope for the sick, senseless and suffering slews A concoction of divine blessings brew

A potion of luck and abundant charm A little sweet, a little bitter, just enough warm With honey and lemon to act as a balm That could bring cheer and instant calm

An ambrosia to be free of sin and evil mind To help the needy, poor and the blind Some gainful knowledge and some potent wisdom From the glorious land of God's kingdom

In the midst of heavenly creatures glare Happy and hopeful to see azure yonder there Seated on the wings of these messengers of the Lord My dreams realized I said !! Thank you 'My Good God’!!

No sooner, I fell to the ground with a thud Someone knocking some sense into my head Shaking me to my very core of wakefulness Shattering my fantasy world of blissfulness

A dream so real and true in its magic Flying ,floating and soaring fantastic Never wanting to touch the grounds of reality Lost in the imaginary world of ecstasy

Dreams giving wings to desires and demands Weaving and spinning stories of Shangri-La grand Riding and roaming in far far away lands Knitting and stitching tales of the Wonderland's .

Poet & Writer : Kanakagiri Shakuntala

Shakuntala Kanakagiri is a post graduate in sociology with a background in Home Science (BSc) and Education (B.Ed). She has served as a teacher at St. Joseph’s Sec Secondary School in Kanpur and subsequently as a part time lecturer at Sacred Heart Junior College in Bangalore. Her interests include semi-classical music, dance and random musings in poetry and prose in English, Hindi and Telugu. She has written and composed more than 400 devotional songs in both Telugu and Hindi. She is also an author of two volumes of devotional songs named KuntalaManasaRamam and KuntalaManasaVaani.

In more recent times she has been featured in a number of Facebook blogging portals in English like, Asian Literary Society, Momspresso, Women’s Web, Poetry Planet, Plethora Blogazine, Penmancy, Let’s Make Stories,PoetryParlour and many others. The above written poem has won her second place in the #poetryandproseprompt #vividdreams organized by Plethora Blogazine in their Facebook Group Page in the year 2019.



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