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Deserted Dream by Krishnasankar Acharjee

There were undulating waves throwing continuously to the ground with force and on the sea-shore off and on in " Cenci". A young woman who was intently engaged with the sand had written something with artistic workmanship over it. When I glanced into her eyes, suddenly her face turned into discontent. With suspicion sitting onto the pupil of her eyes, she looked on to me. Then lazily she stood on the sand and before I opened my mouth, she restlessly said to me, “My name is Eline.” This sound echoed through the sea-shore.

As if guarded, dull headed woman took rest in meridional warmth with touching waters. One side of the sea-shore is garlanded with emerald like pearl in this city of ‘Cenci’. The sea-shore lines with the breast of the city and mammoth mountain ranges that are spread over the perfect plain beach. As well as all the agitating waves were mingling with the sudden splashing sound. The birds were chirping in a common chord like a chorus from the bush of silk cotton plant.

At that moment suddenly Eline noticed that there was an undulating wave that seemed sweet and pleasant rolling from one note to another, without sound and degrees and cleared a point as far as the horizon through the grey seas. With awakening curiosity she looked lazily at that very unclear point slowly becoming from big to bigger and running fast towards the shore. Gradually she glanced at the Berge to come near the shore. Within one mile when the berge came, it dazzled, but she could not see any more. It went out to touch the circling light of the small world seeming like sliding magic lanterns. It seemed that the berge was an act of imagination, after all. When the sky lay upon the horizontal lines of the floating sea-shore, there was a fanciful image that got created in her dull head.

While the sun descended through the sloping mountain, at that moment mild wind was blowing towards the sea beach, and the womb of the sea was swollen for rising into small ripples. At the spur of that moment she felt as if her earlier lover has departed, being in a satisfied state after kissing her, into that dreamland and she seemed more joyous knowing no bound. She got beautiful feelings where she felt there were no serpents crawling upon her imagination. She always thought nature was her better-half, and dispelled illusion. Yet however for some reasons, she was quite illusory. But tonight, her introspective heart was crystal clear and fully satisfied.

At that spur of the moment Eline felt that her youth silently has returned. Having this feeling within herself her heart thrilled with vanity, at that time she took self-restraint then slowly she looked into Danniel's eyes. She felt that an invisible hand incessantly hammered into her inwards and bewildered her own behaviour. She let the past memories of her life again to rise with revolt. For so many days, she couldn’t have been able to realize her own inner emotions.

With a sigh and feeling sympathized she said, “I am stricken with sorrow”.

Danniel feeling slightly disappointed looked into her eyes.

“Really... I am rueful and wounded at heart, so to speak that I was married.” Then she told her past life slowly the episodes, one by one as a heroine to the manager or the news editor in an opera house. Her loving Danniel sighed and holding her hand at last kissed her, after that he left the room.

Eline remembered everything from her first love's memory. On that very night when they mingled with each other and contacted eye to eye, lips to lips, at that moment Pablo behaved as if like he was a restless fountain, to be stopped only by the name of life's solitary sound of rapid fall just as a stream of water that flows in quick pulse of the sun perambulated into the occidental concavity. Then there took place the interplay of light and shade into the breast of nature. And the mountain lanes lightly got covered in a dismal picture.

In a moonlit night while we both can enjoy with a fascinating mood in the shore of ‘Cenci’, I am feeling in every moment, the moments of that very night when we both first got introduced with each other and he said to me, oh! My dear darling you are like miss universe and you are the sweetest flower in the garden. And after 21 years, it seems the first flashing lights are just like the stars in the sky of the winter evening. As if the southern and eastern bay and the sea have mysteriously mingled with the horizontal lines of the blue sky.

The outside world hails me through the casements and the outside city hails me screamingly to join the enjoyable dance party, knowing that I am free in the nights. I can also enjoy like an unmarried young woman. And will be not responsible towards anybody or anyone. If I enjoy the whole night, nobody will wait for me angrily back at home. I can spend the whole night through rein less rejoice in the fest of coffee table till dawn. But the name of ‘marriage’, it has deprived me yet today, still I feel like I am lacking in earnestness.

Having been not able to spend my nights with Pablo, rather living this disorderly life as a separated soul from him, my aloofness always companions me in my already secluded life. From times immemorial my sweetheart Pablo, by the name of Adam who was known from the paradise by the Angels is now laid to rest till infinite. There is sorrowful flow of emotions, flowing in my heart incessantly.

The night is not going to elongate. It is like another night presented gracefully in front of me. Of those moments the Church bell’s knells still reminds me of the parting days. Now this atmosphere of aloofness has suddenly brought unpredictable changes in my introspective mind. I always thought, that I was going to hell and have spent all my nights with the pain of unbearable separation from Pablo. And this mean-minded thought had engrossed me for long and I often got stuck with panic.

Within few seconds there was an unthinkable thought that came into my mind. An unexpected power influenced into my inner conscience and confirmed my mind. I promised myself that all my intentions will be fulfilled now and I’ll advance towards my goal without fearful legs.

Suddenly I felt chilly wind as if the gust was blowing along with drizzling drops of rain. Everybody sheltered into their rooms, the street stood hollow. When I looked at the door, Danniel was standing there with sparkling attire. To speak earnestly he is a very handsome man and a dignified figure. He is always absorbed into theatre and his genius is fit for this.

With a half smiling face Eline leaned her dishevelled hair and garments on the lap of Danniel and restlessly enjoyed the whole night with him, with this new thought splurging into her mind that she has got a shelter as a life partner in Danniel. This too however felt like a dream.

Morning seemed to be not arriving, and a dreadful dream brought back the sore memories of long-days separation that Eline has been experiencing for long. Hence all intentions of having Daniel as her man, felt like smashing into smithereens, her solemn desiring heart only waits for Pablo's inquisitive love.

Krishnasankar Acharjee is a successful English teacher( in his career of teaching). He is also a bilingual poet, writer, author, thinker, editor, researcher, as well a singer. His poem reviews and writing on various issues have been published in India's leading newspapers, magazine and in many national and international books. He has been honoured with many national and international awards for his writings.



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