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Broken Dreams by Nisha Tandon

Updated: Apr 29

I sat in solitude on unsteady rocks, lost in thoughts deep

Oblivious to the utter chaos that was now drowning me

The sound of ferocious storms left me unperturbed 

So did the cacophony of the waves traversing from the sea 

The news of your death brought my world to a virtual pause

Shattering my bare hopes and all my vagrant dreams 

It has been a few decades since we parted ways

You left abruptly amidst my muffled screams 

Our broken relationship haunted me like a ghost from a misty past

My life faded as a passing shadow where once passions dwelled 

Many a times I have seen your return to my lucid dreams 

As an urge to call out my name you ofttimes quelled 

I have often reached out to touch your tear-stricken face

A recurring nightmare representing my many fears 

Broken repeatedly at the crack of every new dawn 

As the splintered sunrays sneaked in slyly through the sheers 

Your dreams haunted me till I cried in pain and begged 

To spare me and set me free to lead a life of bliss

Surreal nights are usually every dreamer’s paradise 

In contrast mine have only been a haunting abyss 

In the dead of night someone whispered “ let go of me love”

“My broken dreams no more belong to you” 

Tears were silenced by the storms that raged within

As I knew that the voice was of no one but the lost you 

I sobbed as I knelt on the sand and scribbled your name 

The waves swept away the final remains of my dreams 

Shattered and broken finally I laid you to rest 

My yearning soul entangled in life’s labyrinthine schemes

Writer & Poet: Nisha Tandon

Nisha Tandon, a bilingual poetess has marked her name in poetry with her soulful poetry. An entrepreneur by profession, Nisha Tandon has used her life experience in a well-articulated and rhythmic tone in her poetries. Starting her poetic journey with her first collection, Footprints; she has come a long way in her credentials as a poetess. She has successfully published her second book  ,"Chand Ehsaas" this time in Hindi. Currently residing in Dubai, she has been an individual with various attributes. Apart from holding a reputed position in an HR & Training Consulting Firm, she has worked in hotels, educational institutions and corporate entities.

The above poem by her has been selected for the Editor's Choice Badge Award and it was part of the #poetryandproseprompt #vividdreams an online contest organized by Plethora Blogazine in their Facebook Group Page.



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