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Bottled up Hope by Ritu Taneja

I couldn't buy you from the store in my street 

They said, but have you ! 

I asked people from my street to trade you to me 

They said, they can't ! 

But you need to own it, they said. 

I kept wondering how 


when I can't buy you, trade you, calculate you 

I could just feel you and breathe you

They said 

But how 

How when I had lost all my contacts of love 

And how when I had invested a lot to get nothing in return

As monetary and as fame and as love 


How could I have you 

No, wait 

The old man on the street has lost it all too 

His family, his friends, his job and even parts of his body 

And he still smiles 

And he still laughs 

When I cross by 

He still is in love with life 

Is that what you call a Hope ? 

I finally (Sigh)  

Had figured it out in my street 

And then in the beds of the hospital 

In the cage where this sparrow chirps 

And in the hearts of soldiers 

And in the hearts of their strong families 

I found it everywhere

I found it in the sun and the moon 

And I found it in the dark and day 

I found it in the winter and the rain 

And I found it in the loudest screams of pain ! !! 

I have found you 

Hope ! I have found you !!

- Ritu Taneja @HerSoulSoothes

Through this poem, the poet has tried to reflect upon the rough times, all of us face in life and at times, do lose all hope in ourselves, God, things and people around. But when we look around, we see that each one of us is struggling through their own battles and everyone is still smiling. The situation is not as miserable as we perceive it to be. This poem is for those tough times, it urges one to look at the pain around as well as the happiness around and tries to re affirm one's faith in god and oneself. Nothing is permanent and This too shall pass.

Ritu Taneja, a poet who loves to love nature and people for what they bring to her as a person. A poet whose work has been featured in a couple of anthologies including 1000 women book which holds Vajra World Record. A poet who believes in the balance in power of self expression through written and spoken words. She writes mostly on Instagram, Mirakke and Yourquote by the name of HerSoulSoothes. Writing liberates her.



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