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Beyond Labyrinth by Dr. Alok Kumar Ray

I separate  wayward thoughts from my mind and send them to dazzle elsewhere , remind not me again like twinkling stars

From now I want to disseminate love and light like the morning sun.

Sending positive vibes all-around 

Banish darkness like the silvery moon 

Blooming amidst long deserted desert as an oasis , to be the cause of perennial source of charm.

Torpedoed night has already been buried in its grave dug by itself

Lost its vigour and ferocious temper to mingle my alluring dreams in dusts of despair

I regained my lost and bygone energy

Breeding  of past deeds only will create in mind severe anomaly

Of  symmetrical  upheavals in-between my inward and outward beings

Blood strains like deep impacts  of the past relationship will be washed away by heavy  rains of time 

Tears in my eye substantiate my decision to forget the past  and  remain ever calm!

Writer & Poet: Dr. Alok Kumar Ray

Dr.Alok Kumar Ray is a Senior Lecturer who teaches Political Science to undergraduate and postgraduate students. He is a bilingual poet whose poems both in English and Odia have been published in a number of national and international anthologies, magazines, tabloids etc. He has attended a number of national and international poetry festivals. Now he resides at the district headquarters of Jajpur, Odisha in India.



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