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Autumn Musings by Shihabudheen

Image Source: Pinterest

I can't resist the invitation of painful memories,

Autumn brings in holy ashes

I behold them like my lost children I am helpless I can't orphan my yesteryears

The grey hairs of forlorn tree plant in me, An enigma,hard to puzzle out; Whom should I embrace The dying Oak,or The evergreen Teak!

When pain keep raining And quench my thirsty soul; I wish, Roots buried under invisible substance of nothingness, Grow deeper into earth's heart Bloom green, Sprout life; Spread flowers and smiles Everywhere 

Shihab is a bilingual poet who inks with equal passion in English and Malayalam. He resides in Pune city and is working for Cognizant Technologies as IT Professional.

His debut poetry book 'Feathered Words' was released on October 13, 2019 at World Poetry Conference held in Bathinda, Punjab. He was honoured with 'Emerging Voices Award' at the WPC event by Philosphique Poetica in the august presence of Dr Jernail Anand, Dr Bina Singh, Dr Basudev Chakraborty and other distinguished literary figures.

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