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Amma By Maanasa Murugesh

Art by: Maanasa Murugesh

In the confines of your womb

I felt safe from all danger lurking

Protected from man's hunger

Waiting to tear me apart ruthlessly

My hope last forever naught

Under the scrutiny of blood thirsty men

A tingle of undying fright and trouble

Under the eyes wandering over my body

Sending shudders down my spine

At threat the sanctity of my body

I so wish I could

Curl myself like a child

In your womb yet again

In peace, safe and sound

Now can I not expect?

The eternal protection

For the men are here too

To shatter me into a million fragments

A dewy blossom yearning to unfurl

Its young tender petals

Only to be torn and crushed later

Tormented for the sin

Of being born female.

A tribute to #Nirbhaya #Asifa

Author & Poet: Maanasa Murugesh

Maanasa is a curious twelve-year-old who loves her poetry notebook and music more than anything else. She loves playing with words and expressing her thoughts. She is often intrigued by the most trivial matters and if she isn't found anywhere, you might find her staring at the sky, stuck in her chaotic thoughts. She also writes on her blog regularly, where she shares thoughts on food, travel, cinema and her most special experiences.



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