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A Knight's Confession by Sakeena Jabeen

Updated: Apr 7

One summer evening I found,

A bright shadow encircling my being,

As if trying to whisper his tale,

A tall, handsome knight,

Bemoans his fate inside the ruins of wall,

And got despised by his ignorance and hate,

As soon as I was trying to catch his sniff.

Stood wild struck and astonished,

Seized as a ghost, he devoured me,

Seeing the ignorant, tall, handsome  knight

Asked I ''what's the reason of his roaming?

Laughed he feebly and in low voice,

Replied he "I'm accursed as I have told you''

And started telling his woes in a broken voice,

As soon as he regained his senses,

Told me he had deserted, a lovely angel without any reason.

Perhaps might be the reason of his roaming here and there.

Cried he heavily in deep skies,

I was accursed now and laughed deeply,

As he deserted an innocent being.

Once again he cried and mumbled,

Love is beauty, love is life

Careth never self to please,

Love is love, creates heaven out of hell.

Writer & Poet: Sakeena Jabeen

Sakeena Jabeen has done Masters in English from Awantipora Kashmir. She is from Pulwama and has immense passion for writing poems and loves reading.



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