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30 Authors, 30 Chapters, First Round Submission now open

Updated: Jun 28

Dear All Members,

A novel is usually written by either one or two authors when they combine their thought processes and a story or a plot is born, but what will happen if we say that 30 authors are going to work on one novel. Doesn’t this sounds challenging and intriguing at the same time? Yes, this is what our next project is all about! Plethora Blogazine and Writersgram Publications have co-powered in bringing forth this unique project where the first chapter will be written from our side, then passed on to the next selected author to write the next chapter and so on.

Each writer will be given a week time to complete the chapter assigned to them. Don’t worry it won’t be done in a haphazard way; we will go one by one. Which means after one author finishes a chapter, it will be sent to another author and he/she will have to write the consecutive chapter. When the project will open, selected authors will be given a brief synopsis each, which will help them to carve the chapters one by one.

Now to be part of this initiative all you have to do is, watch this image below and create a 500 word write-up in prose only. It can be in any genre like thriller, suspense, romance, horror what ever thought process comes to your mind seeing the image, create that story and send it to plethorablogazine@rediffmail.com

30 writers will be then selected on the basis of their writing style, expressiveness in narration, and uniqueness in the thought process. You don't have to give any title to your write-up, simply put novel prompt submission in the subject line and send it to the above mail id. The deadline is 5th July 2020 till midnight IST.

Kindly note this image writing prompt is only for the first round of evaluation only, the real novel and the story would be entirely different. Thus the stories or prose pieces you would be writing for the first round of evaluation would not be used in the prospective novel anywhere.

Looking forward to your submissions,

Plethora Blogazine & Writersgram Publications



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