True Love

Long ago and far away
A young girl took a lover
Whose passion only burned for her
He said and for no other

They spent their youthful days together
Rolling in the grass
Swore true love come any weather
Holding hands at mass

Tragedy struck late one night
Her object of desire
Met his death at seventeen
She lost her burning fire

Buried on the hillside where
They used to laugh and play
Teary eyed she said goodbye
She had to move away

Husband number one she met
One night while ballroom dancing
The man was quite a dancer but
Was not much for romancing

Husband two came into view
While drinking in a club
He drank so much he finally drowned
She found him in the tub

Husband three was full of glee
And liked to treat her kindly
Eye sight poor he could not see
Walked off a cliff side blindly

The girl grew old and weak and ill
And finally caught her death of chill
Her will requested one last ride
And she was buried on the hill
By her lovers side

Joseph John Racano



                   Joseph John Racano

Born 11/22/55 Brooklyn New York
Writes poetry, music and sci fi
Fiction & non fiction
Environmental activist lives in California
Loves dogs, believes in space people
Is certain love will save the world.


Check out his music, poetry, art, political opinions, social commentary and sci fi stories


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